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About Us

Unity in the Community, It Works!

At Be You Be Great, we believe in the power of unity and empowerment to create a harmonious society. Our movement is more than just an organization; it's a catalyst for positive change. Founded on the principle of fostering connections and inspiring greatness in every individual, Be You Be Great is dedicated to uplifting our community through impactful initiatives that touch lives in meaningful ways.

Our team is a dynamic collective of passionate individuals committed to this vision. We bring diverse expertise and shared dedication to creating a more inclusive, empowered, and thriving community. Together, we're devoted to providing holistic support and innovative programs that address various needs, from mental and physical wellness to career development and community engagement.

Meet our dedicated team, driven by a shared mission to empower and uplift. Through collaboration and dedication, we're making strides toward a brighter future for all.


Meet The Team


Our Story

Be You Be Great began with a simple yet powerful mission: to inspire individuals to embrace their unique selves and achieve greatness. Our journey started over 20 years ago, ignited by the unwavering commitment of our CEO and founder, Big RED The Voice, Willis Draughn Jr. Throughout these decades, our community has consistently turned to us in times of need, and we've stood tall, ready to serve.

Our founder, affectionately known as Big RED, has been the beacon of support for our city. From advocating for families affected by tragedies to assisting city workers in their times of need, from providing aid to displaced seniors during unforeseen disasters to guiding and uplifting the youth through mentorship programs, community initiatives, and mental health support, Be You Be Great has been at the forefront of addressing diverse community needs.

The heart of our story lies in our unwavering dedication to fostering unity, empathy, and empowerment. We've grown from answering the calls for support to creating impactful programs that touch lives and uplift spirits. Our commitment to 'Be You Be Great' is not just a mantra—it's a movement. Join us as we continue this journey of making a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, and our community as a whole.

Our Partners

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